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 Sizemore Inspection Services would like to take a few moments to welcome you to our site. Thank you for considering us for your home inspection needs. We know that a home purchase can be a daunting task and scary at times. It is your largest asset and where you will spend a considerable amount of your time. We hope you will find all the information you need to make your decision for a home inspector an easy one on our site. If you have any additional questions that isn't clarified on our site feel free to call us. We would love the opportunity to serve you better and assist you with your house inspection! We serve the Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Daytona beach and surrounding areas in North Florida

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Company Profile

Sizemore Inspection Services would like to take a few minutes to welcome you to our page and tell you a little more about our company. A home purchase is very a very important step in your life. Making the right decision when it comes to your home inspector is very important. We have some more information on this in our services page. Thank you for considering our company for your inspection needs. Below you will find some information on our experience and staff. 

Our Company was Founded!

Our company was founded in 2016 as an independent adjusting firm. We handled third party claims for insurance carriers. In handling these claims we found there was a severe need for good home inspectors in the area. On many of the claims we noticed that the home inspectors missed key items that resulted in significant loss to the insureds. Knowing this, we made the decision to expand our business to include home inspections and we got licensed to provide this service to the community.

Mission Statement

To provide full and complete reports to our clients and educate them on the potential risks and benefits of any home they purchase. To also provide the our clients with exceptional documentation to protect them in the event of future catastrophic loss to their property.  

What to expect

What should you expect when getting a home inspection by our company? Well, everyone wants to tell you that you are going to get the best experience of your life and highest quality product or service. While, it is certainly our goal to provide this type of service, sometimes we have to provide you with bad news as well. We ask that all of our clients go into an inspection expecting the property to fail inspection. It is our goal to find any and all defects. WE WILL FIND THE DEFECTS!!! It is just the nature of the process. That being said, we start our inspections the same every time. This allows us to be consistent and thorough. Exterior roof first then the front going counter clockwise around the exterior. Then we go in room by room. Once we complete our inspection and report. We will sit down with you and go over every detail. Explaining the defect and how it affects the integrity of the dwelling and its ease  or difficulty in repair. WE WANT YOU TO BE INFORMED AND EDUCATED IN THE DEFECTS. 


Jeremy Sizemore

Our primary inspection professional and president of the company. Mr. Sizemore was a roofer for 20 years. Worked in residential and commercial systems. He has a strong construction background. For the last 5 years he has been a insurance property adjuster handling first and third party claims for some of the largest carriers in the state of Florida. He noticed there was a  severe need for good, quality home inspectors in the north Florida area. He decided to get licensed as a home inspector and open Sizemore Inspection Services to provide quality inspection services to the greater Jacksonville, FL areas. 

With his background in property adjusting, he has intimated knowledge of cause and origin of defects causing loss to structures. This makes him the ideal candidate to provide you with excellent service. While other inspectors are looking at cosmetic damage and defects, Mr. Sizemore is looking for damage and future risk of loss. Let his experience protect you in your home purchase.