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Insurance Inspections

Insurance companies use many inspections to determine your insurance risk and the cost of your policy. You can trust us with your insurance inspection needs.

Wind Mitigation Inspection

You could qualify for discounts on your insurance with this inspection. When you have work done to the exterior of your home. 

Four Point Inspections

Most Insurance carriers require this inspection on homes over 10 years old. It is used to assess the risk on your home. It should be updated whenever work is done to the 4 main systems of a home. 


Roof Condition Reports

This is an inspection required by some carriers when a new policy is issued. It is used to determine the age and general condition of the roof. Our inspector spent 20 years as a roofer and is certified in several roofing systems. 

Pre-Storm Inspections

We live in an area where there are hurricanes. Insurance companies have a bad reputation for denying claims. We offer this as a preventative document for home owners who want to protect and ensure coverage in the event of a loss. 

Wind Mitigation Inspections

Wind mitigations are used by insurance agents and carriers to determine the risk on your home. This can affect the overall cost of your insurance. Also, if it is not updated every 5 years your policy can be cancelled. It is very important to keep this form updated whenever you make any structural changes to your home. 

Our Wind Mitigation inspection looks at the trusses and their attachments to the walls. We look at the roof sheathing attachments to ensure proper attachment and compliance with roofing standards. We look for gable bracing on homes with gables. We look at the windows, doors and garage door for compliance with wind standards and load requirements. 

All of our inspections are done by one of our professional and highly qualified inspectors. 

What is a Structural Change?
A structural change is any change to the framing, doors or glazed openings according to the insurance carriers. These are the main points looked at during a wind mitigation. So anytime your change a door, window, garage door or roof; You need to update the inspection forms. 

Will I Quality for any Credits on my Insurance?
Yes! For example: if the roof was installed prior to 2006, when it is re-nailed to current codes you qualify for a credit on you policy premium. The same is said for windows, doors and garage doors! You could be sitting on thousands in savings!

Four Point Inspections

Helping you get credits on your insurance!

Four point inspections are another form of insurance underwriting inspection. These are used for older homes to determine the general quality of the home and if the major systems are in good working order. These can help you get credits on your insurance when you update or replace certain things. It is recommended to get an inspection anytime you're shopping for new insurance, have replaced any of the major systems discussed below or every 3 years. This way the carriers know the home is well maintained and their risk is lower. Which tranlates to thousands in savings for you! 

With these inspections we look at the four major systems of the home and the quality and condition of each. We look at the roof to determine the age and condition. We look for any wind or hail damage or severe aging or deterioration. This helps determine if the roof will fail  the next time a severe storm comes through or not. We also look at the electrical system. We look for electrical deficiencies that may lead to fire hazards. We look at the plumbing system to determine if there has been any prior leaks or if there is an active leak currently. We look at the type of plumbing and the age of the system. We also look at the HVAC system. We look for leaks or signs of corrosion that could indicate a failure or potential failure. With all of thes systems and the report we provide to the insurance company they are able to determine the insurability of your home. 

As you can see these inspections are an important part of saving you money and insuring your home is well protected. It is also worth noting that if these inspections are not done regularly and there is a claim filed the insurance can deny a claim based on a lack of proper maintenance done to the property. They Do Have That Right Under The Policy! So it's very important to keep up to date with these inspections!


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