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Home Inspection Reports:

What to expect with your home inspection report.

Please click to read an article posted by InterNachi in regards to home inspections and the type of reporting you can expect. 

Our reporting focuses on ease of reading. We break everything out into easy to read descriptions and referenced bullet points. View one of our reports here!

Home Inspection Report

Why You Should Use Our Service!

Below is some of the key points of our success and why you should feel confident in using our services!

Instant Reporting

Time costs money when you're in the home buying process. So getting your report even faster is paramount when making your decision. That's why we try to do all of our reporting while onsite. This way you have the information you need available when you need it. To help you make your decision even faster.

Complete Reporting

Most home inspectors in the area will give you a report with a few photos of damaged items and vague descriptions. We go above and beyond that for our clients. Since we come from the insurance industry, we believe documentation is king. You get a full reporting on the home. Photos of the damaged and undamaged areas. Overviews of every room and elevation. This way, if you ever have a loss to the property, you have a master document to fall back on. 

Online Access to Your Reports

Everything we do is put on our cloud service. Which is hosted by This means you have ongoing access to your reports as long as you have your email with the link, username and password. You're able to forward the report, download it, and create repair requests to send to the sellers. We even offer estimating services to help you determine the value of the items in question. 

Member of InterNachi

InterNachi is the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. They are the largest and most respected Home Inspector organization in the industry. We joined in 2017 and took our certification and licensing through them. Even though we have been in the property investigation and inspection industry for over 5 years now. They have the strictest guidelines and standards for inspectors. We are proud to be a member. 

Home Inspector
Home Inspector

General Home Inspection

Have your home inspection done by our Master Inspector. With close to 2,000 inspections done you can trust your home to us!

We look at the 10 Major Systems of Your Home 

Our home inspection package starts with the exterior and moves inside. We look at all the major systems of a home. Unlike the other guys around town, we don't charge extra for crawlspaces! These systems are:

1. Roof                                               6. Electrical
2. Exterior                                          7. Insulation/Ventilation  
3. Structural Components                  8. Interiors
4. HVAC System                                 9. Garage 
5. Plumbing                                     10. Appliances

Over 300 Points of inspection

Each of the above mentioned systems need to be thoroughly inspected. We look at anywhere from 5 to 15 different points of inspection in each of these major systems. This is far more in depth than any other inspectors in our area. You get a very in depth and detailed reporting on the home. 

Pre-Listing Inspections

This service is popular with sellers who are wanting to know of any issues that could affect the value of thier home. We look at everything mentioned above and give our opinion on the items that should be immediately corrected or that could affect the value of the home. This is not an appraisal. 

300 Points of Inspection

We look at the same points of inspection that a buyer would and evaluate the likelyhood of them asking for repairs.

Know Before It Costs You Money

When we evaluate the property we can tell you what to expect and how much the repairs should cost. Potentially saving you thousands.  

Home Inspector

Instant Reporting Onsite

Most of our reports can be finished while onsite and uploaded before we even leave. Means no waiting for the report and faster turn around times!

Unlimited Access to Reports

Everything is uploaded to the customer portal. You get a unique login and unlimited access. You can forward reports, Create repair requests and download the reports. 

Inspection Services We Offer!

Wind Mitigation

Wind Mitigations

Inspection services offered to clients who are shopping for insurance in Florida. For more inforation Click Now to learn more about this service. 

Four Point Inspection

4 Point Inspections

This is another insurance related service specifically designed for those who need insurance. For more information Click Now to learn more!


Maintenance Inspections

This service is for the home owner who wants to keep their investment protected and well maintained! Click Now!

Other Services We Offer

New Home Inspection

Phase Construction Inspections

When buying a new home you can get us involved early in the process. We will inspect as each phase of construction is completed ensuring you get a quality home built to your standards!

Builder Warrant Inspection

11 Month Builder Warranty Inspection

Is your new home quickly approaching the end of its warranty period with the builder? Let us come and do the inspection for you and give you a strong report to take to your builder today!


Home Energy Scoring

Is your electric bill high? Do you dream of saving money on your energy needs? Let us come out and do an energy score on your home. Complete with thermal images, we tell you where you're losing energy at. This way you can get the most from your home!

Services Offered to You!

Our pricing is designed to bring you the most value for your money spent. There is no value in free or cheap! Don't be fooled by discount inspections that only do the bare minimum for you. Allow us to provide you with superior property investigation at a fair price. It's your hard earned money! So get every bit of value and service out of it that you can by using our service! We have competitive pricing at a great value. Call us today for your free quote. Price matching on equal services. 

Home/Condo Inspections

Based on Square Footage of the Home. For Buyers and Sellers (Pre-Listing). 

Thermal Inspection/Scoring

Thermal Inspection and Energy Scoring of a Home. Save Money When Adding to Other Services.

Wind Mitigation

For Home Owners Who are Shopping for Insurance or Need to Update Insurance. 

Phase Construction Inspections

Billed Per Phase of the Construction. 

Four Point Inspection

For Home Owners who are shopping for insurance or Who Have Made Updates to Thier Home. 

Maintenance Inspection


11 Month Builder Warranty Inspection

Did You Buy a New Home? Let Us Come Do the One Year Punch Out and Warranty Inspection. 

Home Inspection Basic Package

This Package Includes a Wind Mitigation and 4 Point.  

Wood Destroying Organisms Inspection (WDO)

Wood Destroying Organism Inspection for Home Buyers. Save Money When Paired With Other Services!

Home Inspection Standard Package

This Package Includes a WDO and a  Wind Mitigation or a 4 Point Inspection. 

Thermal Image Add On

Thermal Images of Plumbing and Electrical and HVAC only as an Add on to Any Home Inspection. 

Home Inspection Premium Package

This Package Includes a WDO,  Wind Mitigation, 4 Point and a full Thermal Inspection. 


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