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Sizemore Inspection Services

We want to take a few mins to welcome you to our site. In the video we discuss some of our background and why we started our company. 

Home Inspection
Four Point Inspection
  1. BUILDING A HOME- If you are currently considering building  a home, then you need to read this article from InterNachi. They discuss all the important aspects of home building.  VIEW ARTICLE NOW!
  2. THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT YOUR AC SYSTEM - Again InterNachi provides us with a detailed article explaining your AC system and how it should be maintained and inspected. Please check out all the free information provided in this article.  VIEW ARTICLE NOW!
  3. CHOOSING THE RIGHT HOME INSPECTOR - Please review this article that explains what you should be looking for in your home inspector. It lays out the standards for what InterNachi Home Inspectors have to do before becoming licensed and the standards we follow.  VIEW ARTICLE NOW!

Why Choose Us

Not Just a Home Inspection, It's a Property Investigation!


Certified by InterNachi

We completed our training with InterNachi (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors)  who is the premium organization for home inspectors. 


Worked in Property Investigations

As mentioned in the above video, I am a property adjuster who worked in the claims industry for several years. I've been trained extremely well on how to investigate properties and determine cause and scope of damages. I apply this knowledge daily to ensure you get the most out of your home inspection report. 


Construction Background

I worked as a roofer for several years. I was a journeyman roofer of the Roofers Union in good standing. I've been in or around the construction industry for my entire life. I have a very deep and intimate knowlege of how a home is built and what it takes to ensure you have a quality constructed home.  

We look at a home inspection as a property investigation. So we do more that just a visual walkthrough like the other guys out there do. Don't cheap out when it comes to your largest investment and where you're gonna spend the majority of your time!

Jeremy Sizemore

Owner and Lead Field Inspector

Home Inspector


Park Ave
Orange Park, FL 32073 


Phone: 904 382 5997                   



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